Rapid prototyping

We provide our clients with a proof of concept of their designs, by building minimum viable products (MVPs) using readily available electronic open source platforms as well as 3D printers. Our main development platforms are:

  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Beaglebone
  • Intel Edison, Curie, and Galileo
  • NRF falimy of MCUs by Nordic semi conductor
  • STM Nucleo boards

Firmware Design

Our team has vast experience in firmware development for different microcontroller platforms. As a result, we can advise our clients on the most cost-effective and efficient microcontrollers to use for their prototypes and products. Some of the platforms we support include:

  • AVR based chips (Atmega series)
  • ARM based microcontrollers (Nrf51xx series, SMT32, RP2040)
  • PIC microcontrollers

Printed circuit board design and manufacturing

Using popular design software, we create PCBs for prototypes as well as production-ready devices. such as:

  • Altium
  • Eagle PCB
  • Alegro PCB designer

Our professional Hardware design team is capable of handling a wide range of PCB design requirements, such as:

  • Multilayer PCBs (up 10 layers)
  • HDI PCB design for High speed interfaces with differential pairs such as MIPI, USB3 and PCIE
  • BGA component routing
  • PCB and external Antenna design
  • Thermal design

Product certification (CE, FCC, KEBS, REACH, RoHS, TELEC)

We design our products according to industry standards. This ensures that they meet all the certification criteria when it comes to the mass production stage. Hence saving time and money for our clients. 

We also have experience working with Certification Agencies and an understanding of the types of certifications that a product needs depending on the region where the product will be exported to.

Industrial automation

We do PLC programming and design of custom microcontroller-based solutions for Industrial control systems. This enables us to provide specialised solutions to unique problems in a wide variety of industries.

Some of the solutions include integration boards for industrial labelers, conveyor belt controllers, and traffic control systems.

We also design control system for production lines and do industrial installation and wiring of sensors, actuators and other control features

Mass production of Industrial and consumer products

  • Electrical and mechanical design for manufacture (DFM)

We provide PCB designs that are ready for mass production, and provide the product test procedures and jig designs to make it easy for manufacturers and OEMs to test the products we have designed.
Our firmware is designed for mass production. We always provide the ability to update device firmware remotely, allowing customers to receive constant firmware updates for their products.      

  • Product labeling and logistics for inventory tracking during mass production

Version control and tracking in a production line is an important part of ensuring a successful production run. This is possible with proper labeling of products so as to easily track versions for the different mass production batches. 

We provide a comprehensive labeling scheme for our clients products, which ensures easy management of their inventory, from the factory to the user’s home.

  • Supply chain management

Our team has experience sourcing parts for PCB and product assembly during mass production. In the current electronic component’s market, it is key to have the right partners and suppliers in order to ensure the product is delivered to the customer on time and at the right price. We link up our customers with the best suppliers of electronic products and negotiate prices for them, this way accelerating the mass production process.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Thanks to our electrical engineering expertise, we are able to provide end to end IoT solutions to meet our client’s needs. We provide both the hardware design services as well as a web based platform that can be used to monitor the hardware remotely. 

Some of our expertise in IoT includes:

  • Mesh network setup, based on Zigbee and Bluetooth ANT technologies
  • Automated field sensor design using Sigfox, LORA WAN and GSM
  • Design of ultra low power battery powered devices that can last up to 10yrs without needing